Student Open Day at Solana Seeds UK Ltd.



Solana Seeds UK invites students, teachers, growers and customers to an Open Day on 20th of September at Solana Seeds UK Ltd. The event will be the final stage of the “Potato Growing Challenge” while also being a chance for growers and customers to look at and talk about the Solana varieties.

Seven schools were invited by Solana Seeds to join the challenge that ends now with the harvest and its assessment. The contest started in late April, when students and teachers were supplied with equal amounts of two Solana potato varieties: Belmonda and Princess. The students were challenged to the task of not only growing the biggest yield of the two varieties but also the best looking and best tasting crops as well. 

The Open Day will be held at unit 4, Stody Hall Barns, Melton Constable, Norfolk, nr24 2ED on the 20th September from 11:30am to 5:00pm. 

The team at Solana Seeds UK would be very happy to welcome anyone who wishes to attend and look forward to meeting you. Please register at

 Please find the official invitations for download below.

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