A medium late table variety with strong resistance to PVY, late and tuber blight. Therefore the right choice for the organic production. Its oval tubers show shallow eyes and a light yellow flesh colour. Cooking type is C. Resistant to potato wart disease 1.


Maturity Medium late
Plant type Stem type
Growth habit Upright
Foliage development Very rapid, Rapid
Number of tubers Medium
Dormancy High

Tuber characteristics

Tuber shape Round oval
Flesh color Light yellow, Yellow
Eye depth Shallow
Skin color Yellow
Skin characteristic Smooth, Netted


Potato wart disease Race 1 *
Leaf blight Very high
Tuber blight High
Common scab Medium, High
Internal rust spot Medium, High
Damages Medium, High
PVY High
PVY ntn Very high

Yield and Quality

Market outlet Ware, Directmarketing, Pre-packing, Organic
Yield High
Share oversize Medium, High
Share undersize Very low, Low
Cooking type Mealy cooking
After cooking discoloration Medium
Dry matter content Medium, High
* was found to be resistant in one EU country
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