Edison is a high yielding French fries variety with yellow skin and cream flesh color. Even after long term storage it shows an excellent frying quality. Edison is also suitable for home fries, table potatoes including bakers and roasted potatoes. It is of cooking type B. Edison produces big, very uniform oval to longoval tubers. High resistances against black leg, late blight, rhizoctonia, internal rust spot, bruising, PVY and PVYntn.


Maturity Medium early
Plant type Intermediate
Growth habit Semi-upright
Foliage development Rapid
Number of tubers Medium
Dormancy High

Tuber characteristics

Tuber shape Long oval, Oval
Flesh color Light yellow, Cream
Eye depth Shallow
Skin color Yellow
Skin characteristic Netted


Nematodes Ro 1
Leaf blight High
Tuber blight High
Rhizoctonia High
Black leg High
Common scab Medium, High
Internal rust spot Very high
Second growth High
Damages High
Bruising High
PVY High
PVY ntn High

Yield and Quality

Market outlet Ware, French fries
Share oversize High
Share undersize Very low
Cooking type Fairly firm cooking
After cooking discoloration Low
Discoloration raw Low
Dry matter content Medium
Chips quality after harvest Very good
Chips quality after longterm storage Very good