Priamos is a medium early starch potato with short, oval tubers and shallow eyes. Priamos provides high starch contents and very high starch yield. Suitable for early lifting. Resistant to PCN Ro1, Ro4. This best practice variety has high resistances to leaf- and tuber blight, black leg, and hollow heart.


Maturity Medium early
Plant type Leaf type
Growth habit Semi-upright
Color of flower White
Foliage development Medium
Number of tubers High
Dormancy Medium, High

Tuber characteristics

Tuber shape Round oval
Flesh color Cream
Eye depth Medium, Shallow
Skin color Yellow
Skin characteristic Netted


Nematodes Ro 1, Ro 4
Leaf blight High
Tuber blight Medium, High
Rhizoctonia Medium, High
Black leg High
Common scab Medium
Internal rust spot Low
Damages Low, Medium
Bruising Medium

Yield and Quality

Market outlet Starch
Share oversize Low, Medium
Share undersize Low, Medium
Dry matter content High
Dry matter yield Very high