Tarzan is a medium late, high yielding economic variety with high to very high starch yield. Despite her maturity group, Tarzan shows a rapid and uniform foliage development. Their roundoval to oval tubers are suitable for surface storage due to their low susceptibility to fusarium. She shows a resistance against the nematodes globodera rostochiensis (Ro1- 5), insensitivity to PVY and resistance to potato wart disease race 1.


Maturity Medium late
Plant type Intermediate
Growth habit Semi-upright
Color of flower White
Foliage development Rapid
Number of tubers High

Tuber characteristics

Tuber shape Round
Flesh color Light yellow, White
Eye depth Shallow
Skin color Light brown
Skin characteristic Netted


Nematodes Ro 1-Ro 5
Potato wart disease Race 1
Leaf blight Medium
Tuber blight Medium
Rhizoctonia High
Common scab High
Second growth High
PVY Very high

Yield and Quality

Market outlet Starch
Yield Very high
Share oversize High
Share undersize Low
Dry matter content High
Dry matter yield Very high