Solana Group enriches the portfolio with five new varieties

The Solana Group is now presenting five new varieties for the upcoming 2020 season, completing its portfolio with pallida-resistant table and starch varieties and a white-fleshed chip variety.

With 4 YOU we are launching our first table variety with Pallida resistance on the German market and are thus meeting the constantly increasing demand for this trait.. The early variety with dark yellow flesh colour is interesting for the German market as well as international markets, such as the Mediterranean or UK. Detailed information can be found in the variety description.

Gaya is a deep yellow, firm cooking table potato with a yellow skin, which complements the export portfolio excellently due to its very good drought tolerance.

Sinatra will enable us to serve those markets that prefer white-label chips, such as the USA and Japan. Thanks to its excellent baking properties, Sinatra will also be able to arouse interest in other markets. Detailed information can be found in the variety description.

As the market of the processing industry with regard to starch is growing, also in relation to the background of the current ecological awareness, two new Pallida-resistant starch varieties are presented: Lukas (medium-early) and Jonas (medium-late). This means that the Solana Group can now also offer varieties with broad nematode resistance in the commercial sector, both of which also exhibit strengths against viruses.

Detailed information can be found in the variety description of Lukas und the variety description of Jonas.

Since the resistance test for wart disease has not yet been finally completed, reliable statements on this trait are still pending.

We currently offer smaller quantities of trial material. Commercial distribution will start as soon as propagation is completed.

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