Solana international

Solana produces and supplies potato varieties and seed potatoes to more than 40 countries. Solana has its own local staff or representatives in many of these countries.

Solana is represented by its own companies in eight countries and has representatives on the ground in a further 23 countries. This enables us to advise many of our customers and partners locally, in person – and it means we know the regional markets and their requirements. As well as its operations in Germany, the Solana group manages its own farms in Poland and Russia, where it produces seed potatoes directly on-site.

Solana has its own sales companies and joint ventures in Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, the UK, Russia, Romania and Ukraine, working with contract growers to produce seed potatoes in those countries and supporting buyers and customers there. This reduces the distances that seed potatoes have to be transported and avoids time-consuming and costly import procedures.

Subsidiaries and joint venture partners


Den Hartigh B.V.

Den Hartigh breeds and sells potato varieties around the world. The company’s headquarters are in Emmeloord in the Netherlands, placing it at the heart of the Dutch seed potato growing industry.

Den Hartigh BV
Bernard Krijger
Produktieweg 2
8304 AV Emmeloord
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 527 298 000
Fax: +31 527 298 001

KLH GmbH Züssow

KLH Züssow is the central storage for potatoes for the farms of the Solana group in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It has a capacity of 12,000 tons and a modern grading and storage facility, which is optimized regularly.

KLH GmbH Züssow
Falko Korinth
Chausseestr. 18 a
17495 Züssow

Tel.: +49 38355 6897-0
Fax: +49 38355 6897-15


Solana Avrasya

The subsidiary Solana Avrasya, based in Turkey, deals with sales and the growing of Solana seed potato varieties for the Turkish market.

Solana Avrasya
Sinan Berksan
Tarim Ürünleri
Otakcilar Cad. No. 80
34050 Eyup-Istanbul

Tel.: + 90 212 4677 700


Solana France SAS

Solana France, based in the Champagne region, is responsible for promoting and marketing Solana varieties in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Seed growing in France takes place in close collaboration with the best French seed growers.


Solana France SAS
Yannick Lefèvre
86, rue de Fagnières 
51000 Châlons en Champagne 

Tel.: +33 987039119
Tel.:+ 33 682363560
Fax: + 33 987039103

Solana Polska Sp. z o.o.

Solana Polska Sp. z o.o. is the sales company responsible for marketing seed and table potatoes in Poland, where it also organises the growing of seed potatoes.

Solana Polska Sp. z o.o.
Robert Roszewski
Ul. Zduny 25
99-440 Zduny

Tel.: +48 46 8388 170
Fax: +48 46 8391 193

Solana Romania S.R.L.

Solana Romania represents Solana in Romania and produces and sells Solana seed potato varieties in Romania.

Solana Romania S.R.L.
Ioan Moroianu
Str. 13 Decembrie, nr. 22, Sc. B, Ap. 13
500199 Brasow

Mobile: +40 726 67 36 45

TOV Solana Ukraina

Solana Ukraina, which has its headquarters near Kiev, produces and sells Solana seed potatoes in Ukraine and Belarus.

TOV Solana Ukraina
Igor Zavadsky
Vasylkivska str. 1
03040 Kyiv

Tel.: +38 044 4955 950
Fax: +38 044 4955 950
Mob.: +38 050 3350 309

TOV Solana Logistica

Solana Logistica provides professional storage and handling for Solana seed potatoes in Ukraine. The storage has a capacity of 7,000 tons and is equipped with modern ventilation, cooling and grading systems.

TOV Solana Logistica
Igor Zavadsky
Vasylkivska str. 1
03040 Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.+ Fax: +38 044 4955 950
Mob.: +38 050 3350 309


Solana Seeds UK Ltd., based in Norfolk

Solana Seeds UK Ltd. will be responsible for both seed production and sales in all of UK and Ireland. The company is based in Norfolk.

Solana Seeds United Kingdom Ltd.
Craig Stephen
Unit 4, Stody Hall Barns
Melton Constable
Norfolk NR 24 2ED
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 1263 860609
Mobile: +44 7795 5627 18


Solana Seeds UK Ltd., based in Forfar (Scotland)

Solana Seeds United Kingdom Ltd.
Craig Stephen
Number 3 Office
The Cottages
Wester Meathie Farm
Inverarity, Forfar DD8 1XJ

Tel.: +44 1263 860609
Mobil: +44 7795 5627 18

Solana RUS based in St. Petersburg

is responsible for the production of seed potatoes and table potatoes in the Russian Federation.
Sofiyskiy boulevard 32A, building 1, room 8-N
196608 Puschkin, Sankt Petersburg,

Tel.: +7 8 927 688 47 28

Solana RUS based in Samara

produces seed potatoes for the Volga region.

Please contact:

Sofiyskiy boulevard 32A, building 1, room 8-N
196608 Puschkin, Sankt Petersburg,

Tel.: +7 8 927 688 47 28

Solana Latin America SpA

Solana Latin America is responsible for the establishment of local propagations and the distribution of our varieties. The company is responsible for area management in South and Central America.

Solana Latin America SpA
Juan Pablo Sotomayor
ANTONIO VARAS 979. Oficina 901
Postal Code 4791266
Temuco, Chile

Tel.: +56 9 92297009

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